Lyndsay Maderis is everything you could ask for in a stylist: she’s wildly talented, a wonderful soul and always leaves you feeling like a hair goddess. I met Lyndsay at an interesting time, in terms of hair, when I was transitioning from blonde to brunette. Anyone who’s drastically changed their hair knows this requires trust. From that first cut and color to the full length extensions years later, my trust in her abilities have never wavered. She puts in the time, the effort and she never fails to turn my hair into a thing of beauty. For all these reasons, I knew I only wanted one person to style my hair and makeup for the EMMYs — a true highlight in my career and a fabulously glamorous event that insists upon nothing but the best. Thanks to Lyndsay, I went to the EMMYs feeling like a million bucks. I encourage you to trust her with your hair too. You won’t regret it.
— Chelsea K. Arlington, VA
Lyndsay Maderis is not only the best hair extension applicator I have come across in 5 years of hair extensions around the world, she is the best service provider. She has the ability to combine her expert opinion with what you have in mind, coming to a synthesis that is really pleasing. But best of all, she is a good person. This is so apparent from first meeting, that you trust her implicitly and are free to relax and enjoy her just making you more beautiful than you already are. Because she makes you feel beautiful from the time you enter, til the time you leave. And this just increases with each time you go in for your extensions. We are lucky to have her in Portland, Oregon.
— Linda M. West Linn, OR
If I could give Lyndsay Maderis 10 stars I would, as she saved my ruined hair! I came to Lyndsay after having my hair over processed with bleach and given unwanted horizontal purple stripes with a crazy hacked up haircut to boot. I thought for sure I’d have to cut off my long hair and live with my awful color for a while but Lyndsay gave me dream hair with just one visit! Not only did she take the time to fix my color and cut but she still managed to get my hair to the color that I had been wanting but no one else had been able to do. And, the craziest thing is, I left with my hair softer and in better condition with her coloring it than when I walked through the door with my hot mess hair. A few days later I received the sweetest thank you note from her, thanking ME for trusting her with my hair. Now when was the last time you got a thank you from your hairstylist?! She deserves all the accolades because she is truly the hair goddess! I’m officially a Lyndsay client for life!!
— Sara P. Portland, OR
Lyndsay is an incredibly gifted artist. I had been e-stalking her hair photos on Instagram before I decided to take the plunge and get some radical extensions so I could finally realize that perfect “Madison from Splash” look I had desired since the 80s... It was everything I dreamed of and more! I’ve seen her a few times since then; each time she creates a look better than the last! Better than I ever could have imagined! She really can make your hair look like anything you can dream up. I’m at the point now where I trust her instincts and artistic visions implicitly and basically let her to whatever she wants (once she gets to know a client, she really hones in on a style that fits their mood, skin tone, face, body, and lifestyle). I haven’t had a bad hair day since the day I met her — the way she customizes color, cut, extensions, style, and hair-chair counseling so specifically and personally makes me feel confident and beautiful every time I leave the salon. Lyndsay Maderis is an award-winning stylist for a reason — she is magic!
— Kristina V. Portland, OR
If I could give 6 stars for Lyndsay and her team I happily would! I’ve battled with feeling insecure about my thin hair for as long as I can remember.

I’ve always thought about my life in ways of how I can change it. If I feel fat, I work out, if I feel unhealthy I change my diet, but no matter how many times I got my hair cut or colored it never solved the problem. Until, I walked into my girl Lyndsay’s salon and sat in her chair for the first time. Her energy is electric, her smile contagious and it’s so obvious from the second she starts talking that she is knowledgeable and passionate about hair.

I never thought I could feel confident with my hair, and now I feel so much more than just confident. She is by far one of the best extension artists in the country. Cherry on top; her team is amazing, the salon is stunning and I can’t thank them all enough. If you are thinking about getting extensions... DO IT.
— XX -Kristin Davis
Best place to get extensions on the planet. Lyndsay took my shattered, broken, fried hair and gave me life. I have done 5 sets of extensions with her and I would never go anywhere else. And... Caitlyn did my wedding updo and it was perfect. Highly recommend.
— Shannon Beekman
I should’ve written this review a long time ago. The salon is gorgeous and the ladies here are amazing. One visit and you will leave here feeling so good about yourself! I’ve been a loyal client of Lyndsay’s for 3 years and she is nothing short of a miracle worker!! My first visit with her was after 2 terrible color experiences (trying to go from brown to blonde resulted in purple stripes somehow) and a horrid haircut. Not only did she save me from having to cut all of my hair off but she nailed the color I had been trying to achieve elsewhere in one visit! Over the years she has changed my cut and color for me she has also done my extensions, keratin treatments, and always does the most amazing job!

You can’t go wrong with any of the ladies at Thairapy PDX. These ladies set the bar at a whole new level and are the most talented and kind bunch you’ll find in Portland!!!
— Sara Parr
Lisa Medley is awesome. I had very fine/thin hair and got color and tape in extensions with her and it was such a good experience. It turned out perfectly. She is amazing at doing blonde hair- the perfect ash!
— Isabella P.
It’s difficult to put into words how happy my time with Lisa has made me feel. I spent years without the care of a salon and my hair truly showed it. I ultimately chose tape hair extensions, which I am thrilled with. But, what you really need to know is that Lisa is the most talented balayage colorist there ever was. Period. If I’m lucky, she will stay in PDX forever. If she moves, it’s likely I will follow!
— Alexis H.
I went to Thairapy PDX for a balayage. Caitlyn Nelson did a fantastic job and I am really happy with how it turned out. Caitlyn is a very knowledgeable and skilled hair stylist. Thairapy is located in a really quaint area of NW and the salon is very nice. I like how they offer wine or beer while I’m at my appointment and I like how they recycle the majority of their waste through the Green Circle Salon program.

I recently went back to Thairapy for a braid tutorial with Caitlyn and I had a lot fun. I learned how to braid my hair in fun styles for everyday/work days. Very useful!.
— Allison F.
I completely trust Caitlyn Nelson with my hair. Her advice on styles /cut/ color helps keep this mom feeling stylish and beautiful. She also has managed to keep my difficult (thick, dry, curly) hair feeling healthy even after heavily highlighting with blonde! The salon is fantastic and offers great, quality products.
— Emma P.
After having my baby I was feeling pretty flabby and ugly and decided I needed a makeover. Jessica was an absolute god send! Now I’m feeling better than ever! Thank you, Jessica! Stella got her groove back!
— Felicia M.
Jessica has completely transformed my hair I’m so in love with it!! Could not be happier with my experience with both her and this salon!
— Brianna N.